Eyal Yifrach

\"Eyal_Yifrach\"From the eulogy of Ori Yifrach, father of Eyal Yifrach:
Eyal, our dear, beloved son; we love you, Eyal.
It\’s hard for Mom, she loves you so much; our Eyal, the righteous and holy Eyal.
You had special love in you for every person, wherever he was. You were always busy volunteering and helping those around you. You always volunteered for every task, you were always first to help and to contribute.
You said to me more than once – if I\’m asked, I can\’t refuse. I have to help. If I\’m asked, I do it. You were an example to your siblings and your friends.
Everyone misses you, wants you near us, for you to come and hug your siblings and your mother.

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