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Makor Chaim - We Choose Life!

Makor Chaim- "Source of Life"

What they said about Makor Chaim!

FORMER PRIME MINISTER NAFTALI BENNET: “That summer, Yeshivat Makor Chaim became the “source of life” for the Jewish People!...................... RABBI SHLOMO KATZ at the 2022 Prayer Conference: "The beautiful yid to the left of me is changing the world, and I had the privilege of getting a front row seat. Rav Dov Singer is quietly restructuring the manner in which we approach our souls.".................... YAIR CHERKI, star reporter at Israel TV Channel 2: "Makor Chaim is an integral part of who I am…a place with an eclectic view of religion, an authentic yearning for G-d and a liberal approach which does not contradict fear of G-d. Rav Dov is not just another Rosh Yeshiva and Makor Chaim is not just another Yeshiva. For us, he was our Dumbledore, the Yeshiva was our Hogwarts!".................... THE MAYBERG FOUNDATION: "They know how to bring Hashem right into the classroom!"

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3 Buildings finished and now moving ahead with the magnificent Beit Midrash - this is the minimum we need in order to move. The campus is being built in a new area near the entrance to Neve Daniel - the very spot where “Derech HaAvot” – the ancient road travelled by our Patriarchs between Jerusalem and Hebron meets today’s Route 60. Indeed, this is the spot where the “Path of the Sons” meets the “Way of our Fathers!” והשיב לב אבות על בנים – ולב בנים על אבותם! The new campus will provide us with the sorely needed basis to expand our institutions, programs and influence on Israeli society. This is our answer to terror and the most suitable way to commemorate the three young boys and the awesome effect they had on the Jewish world at large.