About Us

Why is Makor Chaim unique?

Inspiring Educators Worldwide

The only Yeshiva where educators from around the world come to study our methods. In addition to our BA & MA "Lifnie V'Lifnim" programs, educators from Israel and around the world come for seminars and workshops.

Empowering Prayer in Hundreds of School

The only institution in the world paid by Israel's Education Ministry to train prayer facilitators in hundreds of schools across Israel.

Fostering Religious Community

The only organization chosen by the OU to set up Chaburot (spiritual self-help groups) in colleges and congregations across the US.

Leading in Torah

An average of 4 students per year complete the entire Talmud Bavli on their own.

Heroic in the IDF

87% of our graduates serve in IDF combat units, 34% as officers in Elite Units (nation-wide figures are 10% and 0.5% respectively). Graduates also star in money other fields including Media, Hi-Tech, the Rabbinate and many more.

Pinoneering Jewish Unity

The unparalleled spirit of Jewish unity during the 2014 kidnapping of the 3 boys was attributed to Makor Chaim's leadership by Education Minister Naftali Bennet, the families of the 3 boys and others. We received the President's Education Award for our programs bridging the various sectors of Israeli society. Over ten thousand annual participants from all sectors take part in our adult programming in Israel and the US.

Historic Settlement Project

Building a new campus in memory of the 3 boys on the ancient "Patriarch's Road" in Gush Etzion.

Trailblazing Spiritual Leaders

Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Dov Zinger chosen by Maariv newspaper as one of the most inspiring Israelis in 2013 (before the kindnapping). Founder and President Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz hailed by Time magazine as a "Once in a Millenium Scholar".

Award Winning Yeshiva & High School

320 students hailing from all over Israel as well as exchange programs with MTA YU High School and South Africa's Yeshiva College.

34 years ago, at the young age of 27, Rabbi Dov Singer was asked by Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz to establish and lead the Yeshiva. Their unique collaboration has resulted in the rare synthesis of high level intellectual pursuit together with the warmth and joy of “Chassidut Eretz Yisrael”. Students are empowered to develop their inner spiritual consciousness in a way that is open and integrative with the outside world, inculcating graduates with a strong sense of individuality coupled with commitment to their communities, land and people. Alumni go on to integrate into combat units in the Israeli military as well as to establishing a Torah presence in new communities in Israel. Wherever they go, it is with the mindset of bridging between all facets of Jewish peoplehood. It is from such a place, that the cohesiveness briefly witnessed in the summer of 2014, which had been missing for so many years, could spring forth…

In addition to our well known, pioneering Yeshiva High School now serving 320 students, Rabbi Singer’s leadership has led to the establishment of the “Beit Midrash L’Hitchadshut” – a nation-wide, “Personal Spiritual Self-Renewal” study & prayer outreach program for adults which appeals to Israelis from all levels of personal observance. Other educational programs include “Lifnei V’Lifnim” – a creative, alternate educators’ training program, which emphasizes the development of emotional intelligence as well as refining sensitivity and creativity. Our success has spread overseas, with the addition of unique international student exchange programs with New York’s Yeshiva University High School – MTA and South Africa’s Yeshiva College.