Projects, Programs & Initiatives

While building a new campus is our biggest challenge and most immediate need, it is our special activities which make Makor Chaim unique. Our parent’s tuition and the Ministry of Education provide the financial basis for the ongoing functioning of our high school, but besides the construction of our new campus, we can use all the help we can get for our other projects as well! 

(Some of the following links related to Israel based activities are in Hebrew)

Yeshivat Makor Chaim

Award winning educational trailblazer, promoting intellectual excellence, emotional intelligence and individual self-discovery. 32 years, 320 students

Lifnei V’Lifnim

Israeli Educators’ Empowerment Program – BA & MA degrees in conjunction with Herzog College

US Educators’ Training Program

Our extensive teacher training program spans North America and influences a dozen schools, many dozens of educators and thousands of students. Supported by the prestigious Mayberg Foundation and Unit-ED!

Foreign Student Exchange Program

MTA- YU High School, New York and Yeshiva College, South Africa

Jewish Renewal Outreach Center

Spiritual & Devotional Workshops
Monthly joyful prayer and study sessions throughout the country
Hitbodedut – directed meditation and communication workshops
Prayer Events and Workshops

Prayer Delegates

Now training our third group of 50 prayer facilitators in schools throughout Israel


Founding and guiding Spiritual Self Help Groups throughout the country

US Campus Chabura Initiative

Pilot project setting up Haburot on Campus, and at a later stage in synagogues throughout the US

Jonathan’s Trail

A unique month-long Senior Trip to all sectors of Israeli society

Volunteer Programs

Unity Day, programs with other schools, volunteer work in hospitals and organizations

Bettlers Theater Group

Interactive, Improvisational Educational Theater -Over 100 annual performances

Hear & Now!

Planned Visitors Center for Empathic listening and Inter-personal communication