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Makor Chaim: Donate in US


Tax Deductible 
Donations to 
Makor Chaim USA
Our US sister organization 
has official IRS 501c3 
tax exempt status, 
IRS tax deductible number: 
EIN # 81-2097033

Makor Chaim USA, Inc.
1407 East 5th St. 
Brooklyn, NY 11230
Please send US tax 
deductible checks to the 
above name and address 
(In Israel, US checks can be sent to:
Makor Chaim USA, Inc.,
Yeshivat Makor Chaim 
Kfar Etzion  9091200)
By Credit Card:        
Press here:   

By Phone:  
From US: 917-929-8525
From Israel: 052-566-5276
Via Donor Advised 
Funds such as 
Fidelity, Jewish 
Communal Fund, etc.:
Payable to: 
Makor Chaim USA, Inc. 
1407 E. 5th St. 
Brooklyn, NY 11230
EIN # 81-2097033

By Chase Zelle QuickPay:

For Information on
Donations of Stocks,
Donations by Wire Transfer 
Please contact us!
Email: yossi.makor@gmail.com
From US: 917-929-8525
From the UK:  
+44 (0)20 3807 1727
In Israel: 052-566-5276

We are eager to share our 
work with you, so please, 
on your next visit to Israel, 
try to find the time to visit 
– it is important for people 
to get to see our work 
firsthand and 
we would love to host you!

Thank you – 
we are so privileged 
to have partners like you!

Yossi Baumol 
Eitan Hollander

Makor Chaim, 
Department of Development