In view of the recent attempt on the life of the Palestinian Authority President, in view of the threats by armed gangs in Judea & Samaria to rebel and attack Jews,  many feel  that the next stage of this war may G-d forbid take place right in our backyard.

Just recently, for the third time, Makor Chaim was the subject of a terror attack.
* In 2008, two armed terrorists broke into the Yeshiva library, but were overpowered with only one student injured.
* In 2014, our students were kidnapped and murdered by Hamas terrorists.
* Just a few weeks ago our new campus was firebombed, luckily while the students were away.

The IDF has bolstered security throughout our area, but we cannot rely solely on the added manpower if the war spreads to our area.


Recently a local resident came and sat in the Beit Midrash for a while and then spoke with our security officer who showed him the detailed security plan to defend the new campus we had prepared over a year ago. He was so impressed with the professionalism and scope of the plan that he said: “I will donate $150,000 provided you raise the other $150,000 so that this plan can be implemented!”


* 2 Pre-Fab Bomb Shelters for onsite staff families living in mobile homes, including transport & installation: $25,000 each
* 2 Emergency Generators, including transport, installation and connection to the electricity system: $18,000 each
*  Peripheral Camera system (thermal, PTZ, surveillance) + control center – $150,000
*  Armored Outpost on the exposed western side – $50,000
*  Construction of a safe passage – connecting the Yeshiva directly to Neve Daniel – $20,000
*  Emergency Intervention Team Equipment – $15,000
*  Electric ATV for security guard deployment, firefighting, etc. – $12,600
*  Security Booth – $10,000
*  Security Patrol Drone – $8000

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