Student Exchange Programs

In order to familiarize our students with the values and realities of the Diaspora and to plant among foreign students the seeds of our approach to Eretz Yisrael as a major, organic component of Judaism we have student exchange programs with New York’s Yeshiva University High School – MTA and South Africa’s Yeshiva College.

Here are some participants’ comments:

“If someone were to ask me if there were any defining experience that accelerated this change, I would without a doubt proclaim it to be Makor Chaim… No presentation, conversation, or physical entity can express the magnitude of what we experienced in Makor Chaim… Its continuity is vital, its results are unfathomable, and it could save the Jewish people.” (Eli Berger, New Rochelle, June 2013)


“The month that I spent in Makor Chaim this winter was the most inspiring experience of my life. The Torah, the Ramim (rebbes) the students and spirituality created a unique, life-changing experience. The way Makor Chaim operates, the trust given to the students and the emphasis on personal growth was unbelievable. In a month it changed my life and it continues to change the life of the talmidim (students)
every day. 

In Makor Chaim, they focus on spirituality and self-growth.  During my time there, we had discussions with rebbeim, Israelis, and our madrichim about davening, learning, and our challenges and how to combat them.  Aside from the friendships I made, I also grew as a person and became more spiritual and connected to Hashem in my everyday life.  One of the major focuses of our experience, an idea that I really took back with me, was the concept of being true to yourself.  I still reflect from time to time on my challenges, strengths, and weaknesses, and how I plan to continue to grow.  I, together with students who went to Makor Chaim last year, hope to share the Makor Chaim spirit, the lessons, and the values that we learned, with the MTA community.”  (Noam Mayerfield, Teaneck, Oct. 2017)