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Makor Chaim: Rockets? Just Last Week We Were Dancing!

Dear Friends,

Just last week we were dancing in the streets of Jerusalem, but now we are all united in our concern over the rockets falling in Israel. This is the reality of Jewish life – from the Fast of Esther to the Purim Holiday, from the bitter herbs of Marror, to the Matzah and joyous Seder, from Memorial Day to Independence Day. We continue to inspire so many to serve G-d with joy, rather than in sadness.

One of the reasons we are pushing ahead with the construction of our new campus is the fact that our students are housed in flimsy shacks and mobile classrooms, with minimal access to shelter in case of attack. 

Please see this exciting update on our wide range of activities and help us keep dancing!

PURIM FLASHMOB AND CHESSED DAY! We spent Tuesday before Purim cheering up Jerusalem including singing and dancing in hospitals and Senior Citizen Centers and holding our annual Purim FlashMob at Zion Square. Don’t miss this great video!

PURIM WITH RAV STEINSALTZ! We were honored to host Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz at our Purim Party. Special thanks to Mendy Hirth and the “Learn on Purim Initiative” for sponsoring the evening’s Torah studies and festivities!

CAMPUS CONSTRUCTION: The first dormitory compound is finished and construction of the high school building and second dormitory compound are due to begin right after Pesach. Construction of the Beit Midrash is slated to begin this summer. Completion of these four buildings will allow us to initially squeeze all our operations into the new site, hopefully in 2020.


Makor Chaim was just awarded President Ruby Rivlin’s “Hope for Israel” Award in the field of Education for promoting unity among the various sectors  of Israeli society.

“The school has a very unique program called “Jonathan’s Trail”.

Despite their heavy workload, 12th graders travel the footsteps of Israeli society with all the events and trips planned and executed by the students themselves in full partnership with the educational staff.”

OVERSEAS EDUCATOR TRAINING: Due the great demand for learning our innovative educational methods, we have been expanding our “Lifnei V’Lifnim” teacher training overseas. We would like to share with you the fantastic feedback we received in the two following videos about visits of UK educators and community leaders from Singapore and Malaysia. For more information on our upcoming seminar for US educators please go here. 


US CAMPUS CHABURA PROJECT: Following the seminar we held for campus student leaders in January, our Yavneh Tefilla Initiative pilot in conjunction with OU-JILC is moving into its second stage with a second mission of Makor Chaim Jewish Renewal Center instructors arriving in US campuses at the end of March. For details on this new, ground breaking project, see here.

THE JEWISH RENEWAL CENTER – “BEIT MIDRASH L’HITCHADSHUT”: We continue to grow our many adult spiritual outreach projects in Israel including our monthly Rosh Chodesh musical prayer and study programs, special seminars and retreats, training prayer facilitators from Israeli 150 schools as well as weekly classes in our Nachlaot, Jerusalem headquarters, “Beit Tefilla”. In order to get a better idea of the scope of our activities in Israel, visit the Center’s Hebrew Facebook page here.

Below are two pictures of recent events: A musical prayer evening in memory of Ori Ansbacher and a recent conference for our 150 prayer facilitators.



The hearts of Jews around the world yearn for inspiration and a deeper connection with Hashem and we are doing all we can to share our special experience and approach with people young and old, in Israel and overseas. We can’t do it without your help – please continue to stand with us!

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Wishing you again a happy, healthy Spring and a joyous Passover!